Spine Support Chair


  • Gamers

    Gaming Chair Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.Gaming girl for posturegaming chair, forward facing design

  • Office workers

    Office worker posture forward facing chair design

  • Surgeons

    Surgeon Ergonomic

  • Assembly workers

  • Graphic artists

  • Engineers

  • Air traffic controllers

  • Heavy duty machine operators

  • Students

  • Draftspeople

  • People suffering from Disc Herniation

  • People suffering from vertebral pain

  • Call centre seating

  • Pilots

    Airline, Marine, Farm and Heavy Duty

  • Leisure

    Leisure Reading posture chair

  • Administrators

  • Data input jobs

  • Writer/typing

  • Online trader

  • Accountant

  • Medical Seating for Low Back Pain

  • Spinal fracture seating

  • Spinal stenosis

  • Disc bulging symptoms

  • Technology jobs requiring screen time

To be used forward, back and every which way. The SUV of seating.